John Cena Talks About How He Became A Fan Of BTS Because Of Their Message

He’s a proud fan!

John Cena is one proud ARMY!

On the January 16 episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, John Cena and actress January Jones appeared as guests of the program!

Source: E!News

While talking about various topics, the topic of BTS came up, of whom John Cena is a known fan of. James Corden asked him why he was a fan of them, to which John Cena gave the most wholesome answer!

He starts out by saying that he was intrigued by them because they were a Korean pop band that was the first to connect so many people around the world.


They’re a Korean pop band, the first Korean pop band to actually connect people all over the world. They have fans all over the world, and being in the line of entertainment, I said “Wow, that’s interesting. How are they doing this?”

—John Cena



He then reveals that with his interest piqued, he began to listen to their songs to understand what the hype was all about, and found himself immersed in the message they send to their fans through their music.


Then I began to listen to their music, and listened to the message they send to their fans, and its one of self love, self reflection and being confident in yourself even though you may be different.

—John Cena



He then says that its not only the entertainment aspect of the group that draws people to them, but its their message, and how they stand up for all that’s good.


So not only is it the choreographies, and the development of personalities, and the whole entertainment they put on spectacular; young people are listening to their music, and they’re sending a good message through their music.

And I think that’s really good. When you have popularity, and you choose to use your voice to do something good.

—John Cena



This isn’t the first time that John Cena has revealed that he’s a fan of BTS! Most recently, he revealed his favorite songs from BTS’s album Map Of The Soul: Persona, and chose a BTS track for his latest movie, Playing With Fire.


BTS is currently gearing up for their comeback with album titled Map Of The Soul:7, and have so far released the “Interlude: Shadow” comeback trailer.

Watch it here!