John Cena Reveals How BTS’s Song Was Chosen For The Movie “Playing With Fire”

Either way, ARMYs appreciate Cena’s passion for BTS!

A Hollywood movie titled “Playing with Fire” has gained attention around the world for using BTS’s “Fire” as part of the background music. This movie was released in the states in November and went on to be released in Latin America and the Middle East. It will release in Europe and some parts of Asia in 2020.




John Cena plays the lead role in the movie, which led to much attention from ARMYs around the world. John Cena is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time and is a WWE record sixteen-time world champion. He has revealed in past interviews that he has been a fan of BTS for a long time.




During his interview from two months ago, he stated that BTS’s “Fire” had been used in the movie. He revealed that the song continues to pop up throughout the movie during important scenes. According to the press, it was known that Cena had recommended the song for the film.




However in a recent interview, he explained that he did not recommend the song for the movie. According to John Cena, it was not even necessary for him to recommend the song to the director. “It was just our director Andy Fickman’s decision to use the song in the movie. I just simply answered, ‘that’s a great idea’ in response to his decision.”





It’s exciting to see how naturally a BTS song was mentioned by a Hollywood film director. This really shows just how global BTS has really become!