Soloist John Park Announces His Upcoming Marriage

Congratulations to John Park!

Soloist John Park has announced he will be getting married.

In a post on his personal Instagram page, John Park shared the news to his fans around the world.

Hello, this is John Park.

It feels like it was just yesterday when I debuted at the age of 23, but 12 years have already passed.

I think this would have been impossible if I didn’t have all the support and love from my fans.

I am writing this because I have good news that I want to tell my fans, who have been by my side for so long.

I met a precious person last year who gave me a lot of strength. I made a promise to share the future with the person who brought me happiness, and now I am preparing for the wedding with both a nervous and excited heart.

I’m sure you are surprised by the sudden news, but I thought you all would give your blessings to my new chapter, just like how you have all supported me so far.

I’m always thankful for you. I’ll live happily!

— John Park

His agency, Music Farm Entertainment, confirmed the wedding will be held on June 12. John Park made his name known through Superstar K2 and has released numerous albums.