Jokwon Reveals SHINee’s Onew Requested A Specific Female Idol’s Signature While In The Military

Who knew he was such a big fan?

Jokwon, former member of 2AM, appeared on Video Star just a few months after being discharged from his mandatory military services, and he had a special message for SHINee‘s Onew!

Jokwon and Onew were assigned to the same unit for a while while they were in the military. Considering how they’ve gotten close while fulfilling their duties together, the show’s hosts asked him to leave a special message for Onew.

But Jokwon outted Onew for a special request that he’d made after Jokwon was discharged from the military!

Apparently Onew is a big fan of HyunA!

Jinki, how’s your military life going? I sent a lot of signed CDs by HyunA to your unit. I hope you get a lot of love from your subordinates.

— Jokwon

Jokwon confessed, “He asked me for HyunA’s signature so I personally asked Hyuna and sent them to his unit.

Jokwon concluded his sweet message to his best friend who’s still in the military with a “Are you jealous?!

This combo of idol stars is definitely a refreshing trio. Maybe we’ll get more sightings of the them on a friends outing once Onew is discharged too!