The Jonas Brothers Spill On The Possibility Of A Collaboration With Stray Kids

STAY were recently surprised to learn that Kevin Jonas knows Stray Kids.

The Jonas Brothers recently sat down for an interview with Hits Radio, where they responded to netizens’ posts about them on the internet.

The Jonas Brothers (Joe, Nick, and Kevin) | Seventeen Magazine

For one of the questions, Kevin Jonas was asked about collaborating with Stray Kids after having duetted one of Bang Chan‘s TikTok videos.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

During one of Stray Kids’ concerts, Bang Chan asked for restaurant recommendations, and overwhelmingly the crowd encouraged the group to try Waffle House.

A TikTok of the moment went so viral that even Kevin saw it and agreed with the fans’ answer.

Fans were shocked to see the unexpected interaction between the two global artists.

But now it seems like there could even be a potential collaboration in the future.

Kevin Jonas posting a TikTok of Stray Kids. Is a collab coming?

— Nick Jonas reading a netizen’s comment

| Hits Radio/YouTube 

Although Kevin admitted they don’t have a planned collaboration with Stray Kids, he seemed open to having one in the future.

Sure, maybe. Not one [yet], we [don’t] have one planned yet.

— Kevin Jonas

| Hits Radio/YouTube 

And Nick Jonas suggested that to collaborate with Stray Kids, they would have to “be invited” by the group.

Have to be invited first.

— Nick Jonas

| Hits Radio/YouTube 

Hopefully fans can look forward to a future collaboration between the two iconic groups.

Kevin Jonas Shocks STAYs By Duetting A Video Of Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Source: Hits Radio

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