Kevin Jonas Shocks STAYs By Duetting A Video Of Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

He duetted a STAY’s video!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan might have found a new fan in a member of the Jonas Brothers!

From left: Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas | Wonderland Magazine
Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids are currently on their 2nd World Tour “Maniac.” During their second Atlanta, GA, concert on March 23, the leader, Bang Chan, asked STAYs for restaurant recommendations. The crowd shouted, “Waffle House!” 

Waffle House is an American restaurant chain primarily in the Southern United States, with headquarters in Atlanta. It’s known for affordable comfort food, such as breakfast, and most are open 24/7.

| Waffle House

Multiple videos of this moment went viral across social media, including Twitter and TikTok. The video below garnered 49.8K likes and 148.8K views at the time of writing.


it was stays mission to get them to a waffle house 😭😂 #straykids #wafflehouse #maniactour2023 #straykidsatlanta #chan #felix

♬ Waffle House (feat. SmackWater) – MarloDaMartian

It went so viral that it even appeared on celebrities’ FYPs, such as the Jonas Brothers’ Kevin Jonas.

Kevin Jonas | @kevinjonas/Instagram

Kevin Jonas duetted the original video above. He captioned it, “#StrayKids when you know you know.”


#duet with @aish.dwaekki #StrayKids when you know you know.

♬ Waffle House (feat. SmackWater) – MarloDaMartian

STAYs were shook to find out that a Jonas Brother knew Stray Kids…

| @kevinjonas/TikTok

Yet, Kevin and his brothers have been outspoken fans of K-Pop for a while. Not only are they members of the BTS ARMY, but JYP Entertainment‘s Wonder Girls actually toured with the Jonas Brothers for their 2009 world tour.

But honestly, who isn’t a fan of Stray Kids? Their fandom boasts many celebrities, including actors Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Jason Earles.

Currently, the Jonas Brothers are promoting their new single “Waffle House,” too.

So, seeing one of the hottest K-Pop groups shouting out their favorite restaurant, their new song’s muse, was too good of an opportunity not to repost!

Source: @kevinjonas

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