“Hannah Montana” Actor Jason Earles Shows Support For Stray Kids Straight From The Red Carpet

They have fans all around the world.

Stray Kids have collected their fair share of celebrity fans, and that doesn’t seem to stopping anytime soon! With Ryan Reynolds recently reestablishing his love for the group, it was only a matter of time before they got even more support.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Most recently, Stray Kids received promo from Jason Earles, who is best known for his role as Jackson Stewart on Disney Channel‘s Hannah Montana.

Jason Earles as Jackson Stewart in “Hannah Montana” | Disney Channel

Their history goes back to last year when Earles replied to Ryan Reynold’s tweet about the group. He revealed that he had been watching Mnet‘s Kingdom and that his bias was Felix.

Earles and his wife consider themselves STAYs. His wife, Katie Drysen, also regularly shows support for the group on Twitter.

Earles has even been seen wearing a “Chan’s room” hoodie on several occasions, showing support for Bang Chan‘s regular live streams.

Jason Earles and Katie Drysen | @ktacd247/Instagram

Most recently, he was spotted at the premiere of Better Nate Than Ever in Hollywood. He wore a Stray Kids t-shirt, and proved his love for the group straight from the red carpet.

| @ktacd247/Instagram

Drysen shared photos of her and Earles repping Stray Kids with their masks and even promoted the group’s upcoming album ODDINARY.

| @ktacd247/Instagram

Fans are loving all of the encouragement that Stray Kids have been receiving, even if it’s in the most unlikely of places!


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