Ryan Reynolds Likes A Tweet About Stray Kids And Leaves Fans Hopeful For A “Deadpool” OST

Can you imagine?

Actor Ryan Reynolds has been known within the community for his love of K-Pop, and it seems that he’s back on his Stray Kids agenda.

Ryan Reynolds | @vancityreynolds/Instagram

Stray Kids and Ryan Reynolds have a long history.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

It all started with Stray Kids’ Deadpool inspired performance on Mnet‘s Kingdom: Legendary War. Ryan Reynolds, who plays the character of Deadpool, caught wind of it, and from then on has solidified himself as a STAY.

Since then, Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan have developed a friendship, sending each other autographed gifts and praising each other through a video interview.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

When, in a recent tweet, one fan prompted other fans to choose a part of “Stayville” history that was important enough to write down, one STAY answered that the interactions between Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids were particularly noteworthy.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Ryan had actually liked this tweet. Just a few days prior he had liked a different tweet about Bang Chan not using the gifted gin Ryan had sent him, since it’s his prized possession.

| @VancityReynolds/Twitter

While these interactions were welcomed, they weren’t what have STAYs keeping an eye out.

Instead, fans were more intrigued by another tweet they noticed Ryan Reynolds had liked. The tweet described many STAYs’ wish to have Stray Kids perform an OST for a Marvel movie, more specially Deadpool.

The fact that Ryan had liked the tweet led fans to believe that the idea wasn’t so far-fetched.

| @VancityReynolds/Twitter

Ryan is one of the producers behind the Deadpool films. That, and the fact that his film company, Maximum Effort have had their location on Twitter set as “stayville” for months now, seems significant.

Due to the long history Stray Kids and Ryan Reynolds have, and its origins, it makes total sense.

Others wondered how Ryan even saw the tweet considering he wasn’t tagged, and he liked it when it didn’t have a large number of interactions.

Only time will tell if this interaction means anything other than Ryan Reynolds liking a tweet about his K-Pop besties, but wouldn’t it be something? Fans can’t help but hope for what would certainly be an incredible crossover.

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