Actor Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why He Loves Stray Kids So Much, Proving He Is A True STAY

He is definitely a certified STAY!

It seems as if 2021 has been the year where fans just can’t stop talking about the iconic friendship between Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan and actor Ryan Reynolds. Since the group showcased a performance inspired by Deadpool on Mnet‘s Kingdom, the two have formed a blossoming friendship!

After months of communication through social media, the two finally met, even if it was through a video call.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds | @realstraykids/ Instagram

To celebrate the release of Reynold’s new movie Free Guy, the two sat down and spoke about the upcoming release. Although it was meant to be about the film, it seems as if both men were as excited to meet each other!

Unfortunately, it seems as if there wasn’t enough time for the two to fully allow their friendship to grow. Yet, Ryan wasn’t going to leave without sharing his inner STAY, adding that he had so many questions to ask Bang Chan because he loves them so much!

I love you guys! I’m such a huge fan. Not only do I love what you guys do, but I love how you do it because you do it with joy, and you do it with authenticity. You guys do it in inventive ways.

— Ryan Reynolds

With these kind words, Ryan couldn’t hide his inner STAY and just seemed to have endless praise for the group and everything they do.

Like I’ve watched all of your marketing materials, as well as your music videos, and as well as obviously the songs. You guys really nail it. I’m super proud that I can kinda know you know.

— Ryan Reynolds

Bang Chan explained that Reynolds was actually a huge inspiration and role model for the group’s performances, as shown by their performance!

Considering the two’s friendship came from the Deadpool performance, it wouldn’t have been right if they didn’t talk about it, and Ryan had nothing but kind words for it!

I loved the Deadpool tip of the hat you guys did. That was amazing!

— Ryan Reynolds

Although it was short, the video has just left fans hopeful for more interactions between the two as much as Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds want it. Hopefully, when COVID-19 restrictions ease and the world opens up, they can meet!

You can watch the whole video below.


Source: Culture N Star

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