Veteran Actor Goes Viral After Reversing His Plastic Surgery

He looks better than ever.

Joo Won is one of the top actors in South Korea. He has starred in many famous dramas such as Good Doctor, Yongpal, and Bread, Love, and Dreams.

Joo Won in Good Doctor.

It is a widely known fact amongst fans that he got his double eyelids done in college. In his teens, he had naturally low inner double eyelids like in the photo below.

Joo Won before surgery. | theqoo

Even up to middle school, he did not have double eyelids.

Joo won pre-debut. | Tistory

After his debut, his double eyelids changed from inner to parallel double eyelids.

Recently, in 2024, it seems like he has reversed the surgery. His left eye is back to being a single eyelid.

| theqoo

It could have been done intentionally by a reversal surgery, or it could have happened naturally.

The surgery is not 100% permanent, and the eyelid can return to its original state.

| theqoo

It seems like he is pretty content with the single eyelid as it is, for he has not made moves to restore it.

| theqoo

Fans find that this makes him look even more handsome.

| theqoo

Uneven eyelids are a trend now, as many feel they allow one to pull off a wider range of looks.

| theqoo

He soon went viral for the change! Netizens absolutely love it.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Single eyelids are better.
  • Gasp, it’s so charming how only one side is a single eyelid.
  • Damn, this is better.
  • I like this more.
  • He’s so incredibly charming.
  • I wondered who he looked like, but I can’t remember. Not Kang Dong Won.
  • Gasp, he really looks like Kang Dong Won.
  • Even though he has single eyelids, his eyes are enormous. I loved watching him in Stealer. I love Joo Won.

The current trend for guys in South Korea leans towards single eyelids rather than the dramatic double eyelids of the past! Joo Won’s blessed with natural good looks for sure.

Source: theqoo