Journalists In Korea Are Praising “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Park Eun Bin For These Two Reasons That Show Her True Personality

“Journalists can’t say enough good things about the actress…”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo actress Park Eun Bin has won over audiences with her stellar portrayal of a lawyer on the Autism Spectrum.

The actress, who began her career as a child actor, is establishing herself as one of the new generation’s premier leading actors.

Not surprisingly, either, given that Extraordinary Attorney Woo is not the first project that she has carried to success.

The actress also received stellar reviews for her acting in KBS‘s The King’s Affection.

Like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin carried the drama as the series lead.

Very few actresses in the industry have successfully carried not one but two hit dramas.

That puts her in the rare company of other powerful actresses such as Lee Bo Young and Lim Soo Jung, who are known as one-top actresses.

As audiences celebrate the drama’s success, actress Park Eun Bin is also receiving support from an unlikely source, journalists in Korea.

The support isn’t all due to the actress’s acting chops either, although they definitely play a part, but rather the actress’s humble personality and professionalism.

A former journalist and now YouTuber, Lee Jin Ho, stated he spoke to several journalists who interviewed the actress and shared their sentiments towards the actress.

Lee Jin Ho | @연예 뒤통령이진호/YouTube

Journalists can’t say enough good things about the actress. It was to the point some applauded her after the interview. The reason is Park Eun Bin is incredibly humble and treats people extremely well. She also is a great speaker, to the point that it makes journalists’ jobs very easy.

— Lee Jin Ho

Lee Jin Ho stated the actress seemingly is conscious of what journalists are looking for when interviewing the actress.

She is known to be an actress that tries her best to answer every question. She seems to feel responsible for giving journalists who came out to interview her something to write about. She once brought out her notebook and tried her best to give each journalist a different answer so their articles wouldn’t conflict.

— Park Eun Bin

Lee Jin Ho stated that the actress had two outstanding traits that make her a standout from other celebrities.

Park Eun Bin has two special traits. She’s very smart and very detailed. A journalist has said before that she is very well-liked by her castmates and is known to be a very good person. Another industry insider who once worked with her stated that she is a great actress and sang her praises.

— Park Eun Bin

Lastly, one industry affiliate stated that she once told her she wanted a certain doll without thinking and that she was very surprised when the actress gifted her the doll.

Park Eun Bin | @eunbinging0904/Instagram

It seems the actress is both an amazing actor and person, which makes rooting for her much easier.

Are you a fan of Extraordinary Attorney Woo? The drama that has swept the nation is available in certain countries on Netflix, so check it out if you can!

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