“Journey To The New West” Releases Trailer For Their First Season Since Ahn Jae Hyun’s Departure

They’ve set a new theme.

Journey To The New West released their first teaser for the upcoming season. This will be their 7th season, which they’ve set the theme was “Homecoming”.


As leaked through photos taken by fans, Kang Ho Dong was dressed like Shinmyohan, Kyuhyun was dressed like Genie…


Lee Soo Geun was dressed in traditional habok, Eun Ji Won appeared to be some kind of Gandalf in White…


and the P.O and Mino BFFs were random vegetables in hanboks!


This will be the show’s first season since Ahn Jae Hyun removed himself due to his controversial divorce. Many netizens initially demanded that he leave, and after a long discussion, the show decided to respect Ahn Jae Hyun’s wish to leave.

The new season is set to air starting on October 25 at 9:10pm KST, and will air a new episode every Friday.

Source: Herald Pop