JBJ Fans Holds Silent Protest Begging For The Group’s Contract Extension

JBJ’s fans gathered in front of FAVE Entertainment to protest against the group’s disbandment, begging for their contract extension.

JBJ‘s fandom, Joyful, held a silent protest in front of FAVE Entertainment to plea for JBJ’s contract to be extended.

JBJ’s group activities are managed under FAVE Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Loen Entertainment.


Throughout their promised 7-month contract, JBJ has had some wonderful achievements.

As a rookie group made of members from small companies, they sold over 130,000 copies of their first mini-album. Their second mini-album True Colors has already sold 110,000. JBJ won #1 on Music Bank 101 days into their debut, and sold out concerts and fanmeetings both in Korea and abroad.


The fans feel that they have produced results worthy of having the members’ contracts extended. The members themselves have expressed their sadness over their disbandment, and how happy they have been together.

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Fans have been working hard to trend various hashtags, to show Fave Entertainment as well as the individual companies of the members, that they desperately want JBJ’s contracts to be extended.


The hashtag “#FOREVER_787”, “#ONGOING_787” and more began trending on Twitter.


The momentum continued with the fans’ silent protest as they gathered in front of the label with signs and flowers.

The fans held sunflowers, a nod to JBJ’s “Flower” and slogans that said “Request for JBJ’s Contract Extension.”


It’s clear that the CEO of FAVE Entertainment noticed them, as coffee was brought out for the fans — which they rejected.


The protest was washed out because of the rain, however they stood their ground for about 3 hours. They left the protest area looking pristine.


Although FAVE Entertainment hasn’t made any statements regarding the protest or a possible extension, the K-Pop community is in full support of the Joyfuls’ peaceful protests.