JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” Accused of Plagiarizing “Pause 2017 Opening Titles”

An “Itaewon Class” promo video is facing a plagiarism controversy.

JTBC’s Itaewon Class starring Park Seo Joon hit a whopping 10% in viewer ratings just after the 4th episode.


In the midst of great anticipation for what’s to come next in the drama, Itaewon Class is facing a plagiarism controversy regarding their promotional video.

An online community called “FM Korea” recently uploaded a post titled, “Itaewon Class Promotional Video Plagiarism“.

The post claims that the shots used for the promotional video produced by Kakao Page look all too identical to the stills from the famous Pause 2017 Opening Titles.

The post also shared three comparison photos to back up their claims.

In response, many netizens agreed that the shape of the bus stop, lighting, roads, traffic lights, buildings, neon signs, and more look very similar to that shown in Pause 2017 Opening Titles.

Although it was just a promotional video and not a scene from the actual drama, netizens are voicing their opinions that this issue still needs to be addressed.

Check out the two videos below:

Source: Insight