JTBC To Sue Malicious Posters Regarding K-Drama “Snowdrop”

They will be taking action.

JTBC, the broadcaster of K-Drama Snowdrop, has decided to sue posters that spread falsehoods and malicious content. In a recent announcement, the broadcaster made it clear that they will not be holding back.

JTBC is making an announcement. As JTBC is receiving damages over the spread of falsehoods regarding the drama Snowdrop, for the sake of the creators and the broadcaster, as well as to protect the rights of the contents, we will be dealing with this strongly.

While JTBC encourages the value of independence and freedom in creation as well as content and planning, we also sufficiently respect the rights of the contents’ viewers and how they criticse and receive the work. But recently, there has been falsehoods and unfound criticism regarding the drama’s contents and these have been continuous and repeating. In the beginning of the production, the synopsis was already leaked and it was maliciously edited and spread, and until now, it has been passed around as if it was the clear truth and not just a falsehood, resulting in the media reporting on it falsely as well.

As we will be taking strict action against spread of falsehoods, we hope that you will take this into consideration before doing so. In addition, please refrain from personally attacking the producers and the actors.


Hopefully with the statement by JTBC, viewers will be refraining from making rash statements online.


Source: Sports Khan