Ju Ji Hoon Talks About the Possibility of a 3rd Season of Netflix’s “Kingdom”

*Spoiler Warning*

Herald POP recently released an interview video with Kingdom‘s Ju Ji Hoon, where he talked about his thoughts on Jun Ji Hyun‘s appearance in the final scene of Season 2 as well as the possibility of a 3rd season of the popular zombie show.

In the interview, Ju Ji Hoon expressed that he liked how Season 2 ended.

I liked that ending. An ending like that hints at a possible Season 3. I think it was the right decision.

– Ju Ji Hoon

He even added that the final scene was his favorite scene out of Season 2.

That final scene was my favorite in Season 2. When I looked at Jong Soo Hyung, he got really emotional. He got so emotional that he couldn’t say his lines.

– Ju Ji Hoon

What surprised many fans was when Ju Ji Hoon confessed that he’s a huge fan of Jun Ji Hyun but revealed that they never met on the set of Kingdom 2.

I was a huge fan of Jun Ji Hyun ever since I was little, and she’s someone I’d love to work with. But I didn’t get to meet her. I didn’t even hear her voice.

– Ju Ji Hoon

As for whether or not there will be Season 3, Ju Ji Hoon shared how the cast feels about it and how much they know at the moment.

If Season 3 really does happen, we just know it’s going to be even more spectacular than Season 2. So all of the actors are looking forward to a Season 3.

– Ju Ji Hoon

Here’s hoping Season 3 really does take place, because fans are waiting already!

Source: Insight