Actor Ju Ji Hoon Savagely Responds To An Ignorant Question Claiming That “All Asians Look The Same”

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Actor Ju Ji Hoon recently took part in an interview with German magazine Mr. ICON, all while making history as the first ever Korean celebrity to grace the cover of the German publication.

Actor Ju Ji Hoon | Mr. ICON

The handsome actor tackled different Korean media-related topics for his interview, which included the success of K-Pop, K-Dramas, and K-Films. However, it was one specific question and Ju Ji Hoon’s witty answer that has started to take over media sites.

During his interview portion, the actor was asked, “does it hurt your feelings when you hear that all Asians look the same?” While the otherwise baffling and potentially offensive question could have been taken negatively, it was Ju Ji Hoon’s savage response that reportedly cracked up the Mr. ICON studio.

Mr. ICON: “Does it hurt your feelings when you hear that all Asians look the same?”
Ju Ji Hoon: “As we see it, all white people look the same. Only Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise look different to us.”

Ju Ji Hoon kept the ball rolling as he continued to tackle other sensitive topics. While discussing the success of Squid Game, the Kingdom actor shared his thoughts on Korean productions, while explaining the need for Western streaming platforms to change their mindset when it comes to money.

Although platforms such as ‘Netflix’ and ‘Disney+’ exist, their structures need to change. Even though Korean films have proven themselves successful, their [streaming platforms] production fees and proposals have remained the same as before.

— Ju Ji Hoon

He concluded by giving readers something to think about—and that was on whether or not Asian stars are given the “appropriate” treatment following global success, such as Squid Game.

For example, ‘Squid Game’ saw massive success, but did you guys treat the director or the lead actor Lee Jung Jae appropriately?

— Ju Ji Hoon

Wow, we are loving Ju Ji Hoon’s spicy responses! In related news, the actor has been busy with his newest K-Drama Jirisan, which can be viewed every week on tvN.

Source: Chosun