Red Velvet Seulgi and Model Julien Kang Rumored To Be Dating, Julien Responds

Netizens asked if they were dating, so Julien answered with the truth.

Julien Kang and Red Velvet‘s Seulgi are at the centre of a dating scandal thanks to some pictures related to their appearance together on Law of The Jungle but now Julien Kang has addressed the rumors directly.

Julien Kang is a French-Korean model and actor 12 years older than Seulgi.


When the group of celebrities who participated in the latest season of the survival reality program met to watch the first episode together, photos of Julien Kang and Seulgi sitting next to each other caught Korean netizens’s eyes.


According to fans, Seulgi was leaning in to Julien Kang and the two seemed comfortable with each other behind the scenes, hinting there could be something there.


The photos included other more “intimate” photos that have since been deleted, throwing more shade over the relationship between the two.


Since the photos were posted, Korean netizens have been looking for clues in their interaction in Law of The Jungle to prove they are dating.


Although most international fans believe the rumors are misguided, some do believe there may be some truth in them.

  • “A man and a woman with 12-year age difference hanging out with their other co-stars probably sees each other as nothing but siblings? K-Pop fans never heard of that. His IG is literally flooded with these type of comments which isn’t surprising. IG is like a home for bare minimum straight crackheadshippers who tags idols with their dumb proofs.”
  • “There’s no dating ban (dating bans are bullcrap anyway) in SM so she can do whatever she wants as long as she shows up to work on time. I heard a long time ago that LOTJ is more like a dating reality show than a survival show, but even so this is a reach.”
  • “This was so ridiculous. Can’t believe some ppl thought they were dating just because they were sitting next to each other I can’t lmao.”
  • “Please stop. Because of these Julien and Seulgi will be awkward to each other.”
  • “That’s why idols avoid skinship etc.”
  • “LMAOOOOOO the most random thing ever.
    She’s not leaning on him it’s just the angle lol”
  • “Good looking couple.”
  • “I bet they are dating.”


Ever since the photos were posted, fans have been asking Julien non-stop about the dating rumor. Julien finally responded, saying “she’s like my little sister.


With the height difference and the age difference – not to mention Seulgi’s all-round cuteness – it’s easy to see why he sees her as a little sister!


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