Jun Hyun Moo’s Girlfriend, Lee Hye Sung Punished by KBS’s Disciplinary Committee for Wrongful Behavior

She took many vacation days that went unreported.

News Daily recently reported that Jun Hyun Moo‘s girlfriend, Announcer Lee Hye Sung, as well as 7 other employees at KBS were reprimanded for taking days off but reporting that they were at work.

According to the report, the group that was reprimanded by the disciplinary committee also included announcer Han Sang Heon, who left various programs due to controversies surrounding his personal life.

As such, KBS followed the regulations pertaining to company rule violation and punished the employees by cutting wages for anywhere between 1 to 3 months.

These employees used between 25 to 33.5 vacation days from May 2018 to January 2019, but the system indicated that they took 0 vacation days.

That means each employee gained anywhere between 940,000 won (~$791 USD) to 2.13 million won (~$1800 USD) in addition to their regular wages.

Once KBS discovered the wrongful behavior, they took back the wages they acquired as a result and gave the employees a warning, while the department head and team leader involved were fired.

Lee Hye Sung is currently a reporter at KBS, and she gained additional attention last year when it was announced that she was dating the famous TV host and reporter, Jun Hyun Moo.

Source: Insight