Jun Hyun Moo Reportedly Has Found A New Girlfriend, KBS Announcer Lee Hye Sung

Congratulations to the couple.

Popular television host Jun Hyun Moo has reportedly found a new girlfriend, recently starting to date KBS announcer Lee Hye Sung.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Donga, Jun Hyun Moo and Lee Hye Sung recently started to date, and are meeting each other with good feelings. The report also details that the two got close as they are junior-senior within KBS, and share many different things in common.

Recently, the two both appeared at a press conference for KBS’s variety show The Boss’ Ears Are The Donkey’s Ears, where Lee Hye Sung was the MC for the press conference and Jun Hyun Moo appeared because he is part of the cast. Lee Hye Sung is also hosting her own radio show on KBS Cool FM, and her first guest after becoming the show’s DJ was Jun Hyun Moo.

Jun Hyun Moo’s agency, SM C&C is currently trying to confirm the report.

We are looking into the truth of the report.

— SM C&C

Jun Hyun Moo joined KBS in 2006 as part of the 32nd class of announcers. In September 2012, he left KBS and is currently promoting as a freelancer. Lee Hye Sung joined KBS in 2016 as part of the 43rd class of announcers. Up until its conclusion, she was an MC on Entertainment Weekly.

Source: Sports Donga and MyDaily