OG Idol Jun Jin Expresses Guilt And Humiliation Over A Campaign Song Shinhwa Once Sang

He was so ashamed that he hid behind the other members.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, Jun Jin confessed to feeling guilty and humiliated about a campaign song Shinhwa sang back in their earlier days.

During Shinhwa’s earlier days, an incident occurred which caused Jun Jin to hide behind the other members in shame.

The song in question was an anti-smoking campaign called “A Day of the Lung.”

And Jun Jin felt guilty and humiliated for one reason.

There were smokers in our group. We filmed for a good cause, but I felt so guilty.

— Jun Jin

In the revealed clip, Jun Jin, who was always active in the center as the main dancer, kept hiding behind the other members.

When Kim Goo Ra noticed Jun Jin hiding, Jun Jin didn’t deny it in the slightest.

I was avoiding the camera from beginning to end. I’m behind the other members.

— Jun Jin

Although they filmed with the best intentions, Jun Jun confessed that he still feels guilty to this day.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch