DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon To Join K-Drama “Yeonmo” … As Actress Park Eun Bin’s Wife

This is her first public work in 2 years.

Previously, it was reported the SF9‘s Rowoon and actress Park Eun Bin had been both cast as the leads for the upcoming manhwa-turned-drama, Yeonmo (working title).

Adapted from a manhwa with the same name, it tells the tale of a princess that takes on the identity of her dead twin brother to protect the royal lineage and throne. She becomes king and gets into a romance with the handsome men surrounding the throne. Eventually, her secret is unveiled and she is sentenced to death.

Jung Chaeyeon from DIA (and formerly I.O.I) will be joining the cast. Her role is a peculiar one, as she is slated to be wed with Park Eun Bin’s character, Lee Hwi. Lee Hwi, the crown prince who’s actually a crown princess, has to choose a candidate for a royal marriage. Due to her lineage, Noh Ha Kyung (played by Jung Chaeyeon) is chosen for the role. She originally begs out of the royal marriage but later falls for Lee

This is Jung Chaeyeon’s first role after Netflix‘s My First First Love in 2019. She had been out of the public eye for close to 2 years apart from updates on her social media. Fans are highly anticipating her comeback with Yeonmo.

Source: Star Today