Jung Da Eun Reveals She Never Thought She’d Date Women And What Part Of Han Seo Hee Is Most Attractive

She never thought that she’d be interested in women until this age.

Jung Da Eun was recently caught up in dating rumors with Han Seo Hee, a former idol trainee who was wrapped up in multiple scandals with artists from YG Entertainment. The seemingly couple pair first denied their relationship, then confirmed it, and then somewhat denied it and confirmed it at the same time.


As their confusing relationship status continued to make headlines, Jung Da Eun went on Instagram Live to talk about her journey in life as a lesbian. She first revealed that she only dated men until middle school. She never expected that she’d be dating women.

I dated guys up until middle school. I didn’t know that I’d be dating girls either.

— Jung Da Eun


She previously confessed that she took male hormone injections twice because of an ex-girlfriend. Now that her outer appearance and voice has changed, she explained that she likes her nose best and sometimes wishes she could change her voice back.

I think my nose surgery came out very well.

My voice won’t go back though. [The doctors] told me it won’t come back.

— Jung Da Eun


Lastly, when she was asked what part of Han Seo Hee she liked best, she revealed, “She has dimples when she smiles too. I really like that.


Jung Da Eun and Han Seo Hee are currently on vacation together where the rumors of their alleged relationship began.

Source: My Daily