Jung Hae In Casually Painted A Sunset And Blew Everybody’s Minds With His God-Given Talent

Uh… is he a professional artist???

Actor, Jung Hae In just showed off his casual painting of a sunset, and it has fans wondering why he didn’t go into visual arts instead.

| Puradak/YouTube

On his Instagram, Jung Hae In posted a photo of his new painting along with the caption,

One fall day, Han River and Sunset.

— Jung Hae In

| @holyhaein/Instagram

Aside from just how spectacular the painting is, fans were shocked by the fact that he casually painted it without any guidelines for a chicken commercial.

| Puradak/YouTube

Ahead of the post, Jung Hae In was filmed painting the same painting, and it was even specified in a caption that he actually drew the entire painting himself.

Jung Hae In painted it himself without any direction for the packaging design of our chicken.

— Puradak

| Puradak/YouTube

And it shows.

| Puradak/YouTube

His level of focus, as well as the mindblowing end result, have fans supporting his career in art.

| Puradak/YouTube

Some of the comments include “An actor who is also an amazing artist“, “Can he be any more perfect?“, and “I can’t believe that’s his painting“.

| Puradak/YouTube

Check out the entire artistic process in the clip below:

Source: Dispatch
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