Members Of TWICE Frustrate Comedian Jung Hyung Don With Their Script Like Answers

He exploded but they had the studio rolling in laughter

Members Dahyun, Tzuyu, Sana and Momo of TWICE recently stopped by the studio of Idol On Quiz and they made sure to bring a whole lot of laughter with them.

MC Jung Hyung Don was curious about their off days, asking the girls what they did during their recent days off when they didn’t have anything scheduled.

The members of TWICE gave various script-like answers that the MC’s were not expecting.

We were preparing for our new single.

— Dahyun

We also held an online concert.

— Tzuyu

We actually prepared for both the Korean and Japanese versions of our single.

— Sana

To which Jung Hyung Don started to get visibly more frustrated as he continued to ask the girls about their actual off days and if they really indeed, didn’t have even one day off. When Sana responded that they did in fact rest, he cracked up the studio by exploding in frustration.

So you guys didn’t rest, even for one day?

— Jung Hyung Don


We did rest…

— Sana

The laughter continues as Jung Hyung Don expresses his frustration:

Okay so I’m asking what did you guys do on your off days!!

— Jung Hyung Don

Tzuyu helped Sana out by answering the cutest response:

On our days off we rested, slept and ate.

— Tzuyu

With the entire studio rolling from laughter, Jung Hyung Don concluded with:

Was my question really that hard?!?!

— Jung Hyung Don

Watch the members of TWICE in their hilarious interaction with Jung Hyung Don here!

Source: Nate and Twitter


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