Jung Joon Young Cancels All Schedules and Will Begin Police Investigations For Sharing Illegal Hidden Camera Videos

He will cancel all schedules.

Soloist and Drug Restaurant member Jung Joon Young has revealed through a statement from his agency, MAKEUS Entertainment, that he will be cancelling all of his schedules and returning to Korea to begin participating in police investigations regarding his involvement in the illegal hidden camera video sharing.

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In the statement, MAKEUS Entertainment revealed how even they do not know enough details at the moment, regarding the situation.

“Hello, this is MAKEUS Entertainment.

We are aware of the serious nature of the comments being made regarding our new agency “Label M” singer Jung Joon Young and we would first like to apologize.

So, we are currently in contact with Jung Joon Young, who is currently overseas fulfilling his schedule, but we are also having difficulties understanding all of the facts. We are sorry.

However, Jung Joon Young has said that he will halt all of his schedules, and return to Korea immediately. He has also said he is willing to partake in the police investigation as soon as he returns back to Korea.

— MAKEUS Entertainment


Jung Joon Young was in San Francisco, California along with Chef Lee Yeon Bok, John Park, Shinhwa‘s Eric, and Heo Kyung Hwan to film tvN‘s cooking variety show 4 Wheeled Restaurant Season 3. The production team of the show held an emergency meeting and decided that Jung Joon Young would not participate in the filming.

Source: Ilgan Sports and News1

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