New Chatlogs Reveal Jung Joon Young Talking About Victim Of Group Rape

“Hurry up and erase it before Choi Jonghoon saves it lol”

New chatlogs revealed a conversation between Jung Joon Young and chatroom member Kim about the woman who was raped by 5 members of the group chat.

Earlier, it was reported that a woman had been raped by 5 members of the group chat including Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon and that the woman will be filing a complaint with the police.


She shared her terrifying experience of losing all memory of the previous night and waking up naked in a hotel. When she asked about any hidden cameras at the time, the men reassured her that there were none and that they didn’t even talk about it amongst themselves.

It was only after reports of Jung Joon Young’s chatroom that she suspected she may have been a victim. She cautiously contacted the lawyer responsible for the chat log data and discovered that there was an audio file and 6 pictures of her being sexually assaulted or raped.


The chatroom log data revealed the following conversation.

Jung Joon Young: I was doing ** with Jonghoon yesterday
Kim: How funny
Jung Joon Young: (audio file) She made this sound so I was laughing
Jung Joon Young: In the end, she wanted to sleep with a celebrity

Jung Joon Young: Oh, do you have the video? We got caught because ** turned on the flash lol hurry up and erase it lol before Choi Jonghoon saves it
Choi Jonghoon: Lol
Kim: Should’ve done ** before she woke up. I give Choi Jonghoon credit for holding back his laughter to **


In regard to this issue, Choi Jonghoon has stated that while he was with the woman, he did not have sexual relations with her.

I did sit with A (victim) but we did not have sexual relations.

ㅡ Choi Jonghoon


Moreover, a representative of the Investigative Unit of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated that it is difficult to identify the faces in the photos found in the group chat and that they will begin investigating if she submits a formal complaint.

We have confirmed that there are photos in the group chatroom in question but it is difficult to identify the faces and therefore, we could not specify who the victim was. If A (victim) files a complaint, we plan to conduct investigations in order.

ㅡ Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency


Source: Sports Chosun