The Secret Methods Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom Members Used To Try To Avoid Getting Caught

Police uncovered secret codes.

Jung Joon Young and the rest of the members from his controversial chatroom used various methods to try and hide their illegal drug use. The police discovered that the members used secret codes and unethical methods to try and avoid getting caught with drugs.


For example, the members used different code names for various drugs. Instead of calling it ecstasy, the members used the nickname “candy“. Instead of marijuana or weed, they called it “meat“. They also used “sagi (short for jusagi, meaning needle)” or “stick” as a disguise for drugs injected through syringe needles.


Not only did they use secret codes, but the members also traded information on how to bypass drug tests. They told each other to bleach or dye their hair often to strip any drug traces from their hair follicles. They also claimed getting injected with an IV for a long period of time will help drug users pass urine drug tests.


Robert Holley, a popular TV personality in Korea, was recently revealed to have also bleached and waxed his hair to avoid drug tests in the past.

Source: Joongang Ilbo

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