Robert Holley Evaded Multiple Drug Tests In The Past By Using Suspicious Activities

The police revealed more information about Robert Holley’s multiple drug use.

Popular Korean TV personality, Robert Holley, was recently arrested for suspicions of illegal drug use, including the use of philopon and methamphetamine. But the police revealed that this wasn’t the first time Holley was investigated for possible drug use.

Robert Holley was investigated two times prior to his recent arrest. Back in February 2018, another drug user claimed he used drugs with Holley. The Anyang Police couldn’t book Holley at the time because he had left for the States. He returned a month later with all of his body hair waxed and his hair bleached.

When he showed up at the police investigation, he claimed that he regularly gets his hair waxed and bleached. As the drug tests through his hair came up inconclusive, they were unable to charge Robert Holley on illegal drug use.

“I remember Robert Holley insisting at the time that he regularly got his hair removed. We were suspicious but we couldn’t charge him due to lack of evidence.”

— Police

Prior to his 2018 investigation, Robert Holley had also been investigated for illegal drug use in July 2017. The police failed to obtain enough evidence during that time as well.

However, the police were able to obtain more substantial evidence in the current investigations. While searching Holley’s home, they found a needle hidden behind his toilet. His hair was also found positive with traces of illegal drugs.

Source: Osen and Joongboo