Korean TV Personality And Former Lawyer Robert Holley Allegedly Used Meth With His Male Lover

He is married with 3 kids.

Robert Holley, who is a naturalized Korean citizen and former lawyer turned TV personality, was arrested yesterday on charges of possessing and using methamphetamines (also known as Philopon). Police are now also investigating him for using drugs with a man who claimed to have been in a gay relationship with him during their time together.

Robert Holley is a self proclaimed Mormon, which is a religion that denies homosexuality. However, Robert Holley is alleged to have violated 2 major components of the Mormon religion at the same time: drugs and homosexuality.

An man only identified as “A” was also arrested on the same charges of drug possession and usage testified that he was in a gay relationship with Robert Holley and they used the drugs together. Police have since been able to secure evidence supporting “A’s” testimony, including CCTV footage showing the pair entering and leaving Robert Holley’s home. The police also obtained statements suggesting that there was same-sex relationship activity going on while the two were using drugs.

Robert Holley was also investigated for drug use in 2017, and it was revealed that he waxed his entire body, removing as much hair as he could prior to the drug test. Since he had no hair, a hair drug test was impossible, so the police opted for a urine test. Because his test results showed no signs of any illegal substances, he was deemed not guilty and the news was not released to the press.

One thing drug offenders like to do before getting a test is removing all of their hair, whether it is through shaving or waxing.

Considering his actions, it can be presumed that he did drugs, but we had no choice but to send his case to prosecution with the opinion of not prosecuting him, because we had no evidence to prove he did drugs.

— Police

Robert Holley first came to Korea in 1978 as a Mormon missionary and decided to stay in the country for good. He became a naturalized citizen in 1997, giving up his United States citizenship. He is also the founder of Gwangju Foreign School. He was scheduled to appear on the April 10 broadcast of MBC‘s Radio Star with EXO‘s Chen, MC Ding Dong, and Yeo Esther, however he will be edited out to the best of MBC’s ability.

Source: Sports Seoul, Yonhap and Joongang Ilbo
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