Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon Have Prison Sentences Reduced By Appeals Court

Both their prison sentences were reduced.

Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon have just had their prison sentences reduced following their appeals they submitted to the courts.

Seoul High Court senior judges Yoon Jong Gu, Choi Bong Hee, and Cho Chan Young sentenced Jung Joon Young to 5 years in prison, and Choi Jonghoon to 2 years, 6 months in prison for their violations of the Law Against Sexual Crimes of Violence. Similar to their initial sentence, they were also ordered to complete 80 hours of sexual assault therapy rehabilitation. Jung Joon Young is forbidden from working in facilities related to children and youth for 5 years while Choi Jonghoon is forbidden from working in facilities related to children and youth for 3 years.

“Kwon’s” sentence was not reduced, and remains at 4 years in prison. Former entertainment agency employee “Heo” also received the same sentence of 2 years probation, with 8 months in prison if violated. Burning Sun MD “Kim” had his sentence reduced from 5 years in prison to 4 years.

Back in November 29, 2019, Jung Joon Young was sentenced to 6 years in prison and Choi Jonghoon was sentenced to 5 years in prison for their involvement in their chatrooms, where they illegally filmed and shared hidden sex cameras.

Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, And Yuri’s Brother Sentenced To 4-6 Years In Prison

Prosecution initially demanded 7 years in prison for Jung Joon Young, and 5 years for Choi Jonghoon. Their imprisonment comes after they were revealed to have raped drunk women on several occasions, including instances in January and March 2016.

Source: Yonhap and SBS FunE