Jung Joon Young Taken Into Custody Until Arrest Warrant Decision Is Made

He is now awaiting the court’s decision in jail.

At 10:30 am (KST) on March 21, Jung Joon Young reported to the Seoul Central District Office for questioning and came out at 12:18 pm after approximately 1 hour and 48 minutes.

He was led by the police with his hands tied to the nearest police station to be taken into custody. Jung Joon Young’s arrest decision is expected to be made later tonight or in the early morning of March 22.


Jung Joon Young showed up on this day approximately 1 hour before his investigation was scheduled. He stood in front of reporters and read aloud a statement he had written prior to his arrival.

I bow my head and apologize once again to the female victims who suffered because of me, to the female victims who suffered from groundless rumors, and to everyone who has shown me interest and love until now. I will always reflect upon my actions as I live on.

ㅡ Jung Joon Young


He admitted all of his charges and made an apology with tears in his eyes.

Jung Joon Young Attends Court For Judgment Of Arrest Warrant, Apologizes With Tears In His Eyes