Both Jung Joon Young And Jiyeon Deny Dating Rumors

Both stars have denied the reports.

It was recently reported that Jung Joon Young and T-ara’s Jiyeon have been in a relationship for a year.

[★BREAKING] Jung Joon Young And Jiyeon Reported To Have Been Dating For 1 Year


Jung Joon Young’s agency, C9 Entertainment, has since released an official statement, however, stating that the reports were not true.

“We have confirmed (with Jung Joon Young) that Jiyeon and Jung Joon Young are just friends and are not in a relationship.” ㅡ C9 Entertainment


Jiyeon’s agency has also denied the reports claiming that she is not in a situation to be dating at the moment.

“The dating rumors with Jung Joon Young are not true. She is not in a situation to be dating someone at the moment.” ㅡ Jiyeon’s Agency


The dating rumors of Jung Joon Young and Jiyeon first began when they were spotted together with a group of friends. At the time, Jung Joon Young and Jiyeon had denied the rumors and explained that the misunderstanding may have come about due to the fact that they were the only two celebrities among their friends.


Meanwhile, netizens have been expressing a wide variety of opinions about the reports.

  • “Whether they’re friends or not is not our business. Just let them be. They’re probably so stressed.”
  • “I hope they take this opportunity and just start dating now.”
  • “They’re probably just friends who have a drink together now and then.”
  • “Eric and his wife denied rumors twice, admitted the third time and then eventually got married.”
  • “Whatever it is, I don’t like these kinds of reports. I’m thoroughly disappointed.”
  • “I’ll believe it when I see it.”
Source: TV Report and Osen