Jung Joon Young Finally Returns After Being Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

After a rough year, Jung Joon Young is ready to shed a new leaf by returning as an artist. 

On January 3rd, C9 Entertainment, Jung Joon Young’s agency, announced that the singer will be making his comeback. According to the agency, “Jung Joon Young, who has stopped all activities for awhile to recharge, plans to release a new album this February.” 

The confirmation raised hopes for his fans who have been waiting since the controversy involving him and a former girlfriend last September. Although he was acquitted from the sexual assault charge, the singer had to back down from his television projects and took a break.

Jung Joon Young acquitted of sexual offense charge

The agency went on to reveal that Jung Joon Young plans to concentrate on album activities and meet fans through his music instead. The statement ended with a plea to support his return with a more mature material.

Jung Joon Young last promoted with the album SYMPATHY last year.

Source: Sports Chosun