Jung Joon Young acquitted of sexual offense charge

Jung Joon Young has been acquitted for the sexual offenses charged against him by his former girlfriend. 

On October 6th, the Seoul Eastern Prosecutors Office released a statement confirming his acquittal after the police wrapped up their investigation about the case. It was considered that the police could not find evidence that the filming was done without consent. It was also not proven that the entertainer filmed part of his former girlfriend’s body that made her sexually violated.

Last month, Jung Joon Young was being investigated for sexual assault after his former girlfriend accused him of filming a sex tape without her consent.

However, despite his acquittal, Jung Joon Young has already backed down from numerous appearances including 1 Night 2 Days, Mr. Baek. SBS also recently announced that they will try to edit his appearances out on the next season of Laws of the Jungle. 

Source: XSportsNews