Jung Joon Young Promised Victims He’d Help Them Debut… If They Slept With Him

He gave them false hope.

In a new report from MBN, Jung Joon Young would tell the female victims that he would take hidden camera videos that he would help make them into celebrities, on the condition that they would sleep with him.


During the re-investigation of Jung Joon Young’s 2016 hidden camera case, where Jung Joon Young was accused of taking hidden camera videos of his then girlfriend, they discovered that there were multiple victims, who had hidden camera videos taken of them, and that Jung Joon Young was not the only perpetrator.


One of the messages that was discovered was one Jung Joon Young sent to one of his victims. While the exact message was not disclosed, the report has stated the message contents contained Jung Joon Young saying that he would help the victim become a celebrity, but only if they get in bed with him.


Jung Joon Young is currently under investigation, and returned to his home after receiving 21 hours of investigation back on March 14. The latest news regarding him were how the hidden camera videos he took were spread through Apple’s AirDrop. Police have raided Jung Joon Young’s home on March 15, and are planning on applying for an arrest warrant.

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