Jung Joon Young Reportedly Refused To Attend Seungri’s Trial As A Witness

He could be forced to attend next time.

Seungri just attended his third trial for the interrogation of witnesses for charges of embezzlement, violating food and safety regulations, violating sexual assault laws, soliciting prostitution, gambling, violating currency exchange laws, and the use of prostitution himself.

And despite being summoned as witnesses for the trial, Jung Joon Young and Yoo In Seok did not attend.

According to the justice department, Yoo In Seok refused to attend the trial due to his upcoming sentence in December as well as other personal circumstances. As for Jung Joon Young, it was said that he was unable to attend due to the worsening of his health caused by the weakening of his body and mind.

The justice department stated that Jung Joon Young claimed to know nothing about Seungri’s embezzlement, but that he must be mistaken because he was summoned as a witness for his prostitution solicitation charges. Therefore, they sent Jung Joon Young another request for attendance.

Since witnesses can be forced to attend trials in the case that they refuse to do so, so much attention is paid to whether or not he will attend next time.

Jung Joon Young was charged with mob sexual assault and spreading illegal sexual videos and was sentenced to 5 years in prison which he is currently serving.

Source: Insight

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