Jung Joon Young’s Arrival Photo Wins Photo Report of the Month

The photo won the 195th Photo Report of the Month.

Kim Changhyun, who photographed Jung Joon Young‘s infamous arrival photo, has been awarded for his exemplary photojournalism.

The photo he took won the 195th Photo Report of the Month by the Korea Press Photographer’s Association.

The photo was taken on March 12, 2019, at Incheon International Airport after the singer returned from the United States. He was scheduled to film a variety show and returned to South Korea for a police investigation concerning his illegal activities concerning the distribution of sex video in his chatroom.

Lee Hyo Kyun of the Korea Press Photographer’s Association explained why his photo was chosen, stating that it did not win because of beauty. It won because of how the photo realistically portrayed the situation at the airport.

The photographer explained how he was able to capture the iconic photo. He claimed that he was being pushed, so he could only press the shutter to be able to take photos.

The moment his hat flew off, I thought “Ah, this is it.” I fell right after I took the award-winning photograph.