Jung Kyung Ho Is A True Gentleman When Responding To How Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Reacted To His Steamy “Crash Course In Romance” Kiss

Jung Kyung Ho protected the privacy of both his girlfriend and co-star.

Jung Kyung Ho spoke candidly about working with his Crash Course In Romance co-star Jeon Do Yeon and proved he was a gentleman when he was asked how his girlfriend, Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung, reacted to his kiss scene.

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Recently, the actor was interviewed by Wikitree, where the actor spoke about his most recent project, the hit K-Drama, Crash Course In Romance, as well as his girlfriend, Sooyoung.

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On this day, Jung Kyung Ho spoke about what it was like to film the drama and the tremendous reception it received from the public. The drama ended its run, with the last episode reaching a viewership rating of 17%.

Of course, I want it to be remembered as a good drama, but thankfully, I, along with the sunbaenims, fellow colleagues, and the director, have on many occasions expressed how happy we were. Although we try not to pay attention to ratings, it’s impossible not to since we hear things.

— Jung Kyung Ho

The actor also spoke about working with the legendary Jeon Do Yeon. Jeon Do Yeon is one of the most utmost respected and revered actors in all of Korea. To this, Jung Kyung Ho respectfully revealed his chemistry with the actress was effortless.

I dare to say I don’t think there is an actor who wouldn’t be a good fit for Jeon Do Yeon sunbaenim. It doesn’t make sense for anyone not to be a good fit with her. I think it is impossible not to have chemistry with her. I guess because the script was so good, we were good together. Also, before filming, we met and practiced our lines together.

— Jung Kyung Ho

The actor then continued to show his respect for his co-star, stating how pure the actress is when it comes to her craft.

Sunbaenim (Jeon Do Yeon) doesn’t lie in her acting. I, personally, have acted out scenes that I wasn’t very happy with, but I was shocked seeing how sunbaenim spoke and expressed herself as Haeng Seon. I felt she was someone who was very transparent and didn’t lie. I learned a lot from her in that regard.

— Jung Kyung Ho

During the interview, however, Jung Kyung Ho suddenly became tight-lipped when the interviewer asked about his kiss scene with Jeon Do Yeon.

When asked how Sooyoung reacted to his kiss scene, the actor proved he was a gentleman and protected the privacy of both his girlfriend and Jeon Do Yeon by answering curtly.

I didn’t ask my girlfriend (about the kiss), so I don’t know.

— Jung Kyung Ho

The actor then stated, “Kiss scenes are embarrassing, but I guess it’s something I’m going to have to get used to.”

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung have dated for over ten years. Both stars have grown tremendously over that time as Jung Kyung Ho has become one of the most sought-after actors while Sooyoung has solidified herself as a bonafide actress and iconic K-Pop idol.


Source: wikitree

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