Jung Kyung Ho Gets Playfully Jealous Over His Girlfriend Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung And “Hospital Playlist” Kim Dae Myung

They are the cutest couple!

Hospital Playlist actors Kim Dae Myung and Jung Kyung Ho went on a cute bros trip to the mountains as part of the variety show, jtbc‘s Mountain Village Playlist. As they were eating chicken and watching the sunset, Jung Kyung Ho knew that his girlfriend, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung, would love the view.

While he was snapping pictures of the setting sun, she called him right on the dot, almost spookily. He greeted her with a sweet “jagiya,” or “honey” in english, melting hearts immediately.

Of course, she wanted to say hi to his friend, Kim Dae Myung! The two conversed about where the chicken they were feasting on had come from and she expressed her amazement at the fact that there was chicken in the mountains. Jung Kyung Ho had something to say however.

Hey, why are you speaking so cutely to my girlfriend?

— Jung Kyung Ho

How cute is it that he got jealous? Kim Dae Myung honestly replied that the views had put him in a good mood.

Not one to stay mad, Jung Kyung Ho carried on the conversation with Sooyoung about other things before finally hanging up. Many praised them as the ideal couple, staying sweet to each other despite the long relationship. They’ve been dating for close to 7 years. They went public with the relationship in 2014. Check out the moment below.

Non-toxic relationships, we love to see it!

Girls' Generation

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