Jung Suk Won Released After His Drug Charges, Baek Ji Young Apologizes On His Behalf

His label and his wife made an apologetic statement.

After being arrested due to his drug abuse charges, Jung Suk Won has been released granted that it was his first offense. He was arrested at the Incheon Airport after the police received information that Jung Suk Won had used meth with his friends at a club in Melbourne, Australia.

According to his label, he admitted to his crimes and is fully cooperating with the investigations.

“Jung Suk Won was investigated for his drug abuse charges. He admitted to his crimes and has been cooperative during the investigation. He was released on detention considering that it was his first offense.”

— C-Jes Entertainment

C-Jes Entertainment also revealed that he is deeply repenting his crimes and is apologetic to everyone he disappointed.

“Jung Suk Won is apologetic that he disappointed so many people because of his one mistake, and deeply repents about the fact that he hurt his precious family.

He will finish the remaining investigations faithfully and bows his head in apology for the controversy.”

— C-Jes Entertainment

Not only did his label release an apology letter, his wife Baek Ji Young also apologized upon his behalf during her concert. Baek Ji Young held her scheduled “Welcome Baek” concert just a day after Jung Suk Won was arrested. She vowed to stand next to him and strive to re-build their happiness together as a family.

“After reading the news yesterday, one day felt like 10 years.

My husband committed a horrible mistake. As a wife, spouse, and partner, I am reflecting with my husband. I don’t know how long it will take, but we will become a happy family again.

It made me remember my wedding vows. Whether we’re struggling, happy, poor or healthy, I am going to stand by him as a loving wife. Please look upon us with an open heart.”

— Baek Ji Young

Source: Break News and Sports Chosun