Jung Woo Reveals The Real Reason He Ditched The Group Chatroom For “Replay 1994” Cast

“I didn’t want to do it, but…” — Jung Woo

Actor, Jung Woo appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star where he revealed the real reason why he left the group chatroom made for the cast of the popular drama, Reply 1994.

When he worked on the hit drama, a group chat was created for the cast members on KakaoTalk.

But Jung Woo ultimately left the group chat altogether, but for an unexpected reason.

On the show, Jung Woo explained that he liked the old days in terms of technology.

I’ve never ordered delivery food before. I cook at home or just go out to eat. I miss the days of the pager.

— Jung Woo

And that’s not all, because Jung Woo even prefers to chat outside of the typical way of using messaging apps.

I don’t use my phone or KakaoTalk.

— Jung Woo

Here’s why.

When you read a Kakao message, you have to answer or show a reaction, but I’m not the type to message without giving it much thought. I just figured I should delete the app if I can’t send meaningful messages, so I did it.

— Jung Woo

As a result, he ended up leaving every group chat, and the one he was particularly sad about leaving was the one that was formed for the cast of Reply 1994.

I felt sad about leaving the group chat for Reply 1994. There was a group chat for Reply 1944 5 to 6 years ago, but I ended up leaving when I deleted KakaoTalk.

— Jung Woo

At least there were no hard feelings, right?

What a special guy!

Source: Dispatch
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