Actor Jung Woo Sung Publicly Announces His Search For His Cinderella…Only It’s Candy And Not A Shoe


It’s not every day that your post goes viral and your bias tries to hunt you down! A fan of actor Jung Woo Sung had gone to see him at a stage event in Daegu. During the event, they had mistakenly passed him a mini pack of Mentos candy. They uploaded the hilarious incident on a community site. The post soon went viral.

Jung Woo Sung took my Mentos. I went to the stage greeting event today and there was just a pack of Mentos in my pocket as I was on my way home from work. I was just holding onto it in case we did a handshake thing and he just took it.

— Fan

Seems like Jung Woo Sung’s company got wind of it! They posted a public announcement on Instagram the next day to hunt the fan down.

We’re looking for the owner of the Mentos! We’re looking for the person who held out (?) their Mentos to Jung Woo Sung at the Daegu stage greetings on August 7!! Will the owner of the Mentos please contact Artist Company through Instagram DM or a comment.

— Artist Company

Jung Woo Sung himself even recorded a video message holding the precious pack of Mentos.

Yes, we’re looking for the owner of the Mentos. During the Daegu stage greetings, I shook hands with some person and they were holding the Mentos in their hand as they shook my hand firmly so I thought that they wanted to give it to me, so I put it in my pocket with thanks. But I guess that wasn’t it… I ended up causing a Mentos theft case accidentally. I’m sorry… We’re looking for the owner of the Mentos! Please contact us.

— Jung Woo Sung

We hope that the owner of the Mentos steps up soon! The original viral post has since been deleted for unknown reasons.