Actor Jung Woo Sung Paid Tens Of Thousands In Surgery Fees For National Athlete Kang Han

A total angel.

National bobsleigh athlete Kang Han recently thanked actor Jung Woo Sung publicly for his kind deed. The actor actually paid tens of thousands in surgery fees for the athlete!

As many know, sports is not an easy thing to dedicate your life to. Many athletes go with zero income and rely on sponsors to help pay their way through training. Only the top of the top can earn millions through shooting commercials and more.

Kang Han used to be under the care of an orphanage as his birth mother gave birth to him at a very young age. The 15 year old teen mother could not handle taking care of a child and decided to send Kang Han away. She later contacted him through social media when he grew older but they failed to meet in the end.

On a recent broadcast of variety show Kkondae Grandma, Kang Han thanked a surprising benefactor for helping him financially through tough times. Kang Han made the national team in 2019 and 2021, but could not participate in the recent 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics due to an injury. The injury accumulated huge sums of money that he tried to pay through working part time jobs. With trainings and physiotherapy sessions on top of it, he was spent.

Thankfully, an angel came to him in the form of a famous actor. The two had met coincidentally at the Busan Film Festival when Kang Han was still a freshman in high school. Kang Han had been in a cafe nearby when he realized that Jung Woo Sung was sitting at the next table. The two kept in contact and grew close, with Jung Woo Sung eventually helping Kang Han foot the bill for his recovery.

What a kind man!

Source: Star Today