BTS’s Jungkook Revealed How His Experience As A Music Video Director For “Life Goes On” Was

It was a great experience for him.

BTS held a press conference for the launch of their new album, BE, on the morning of 20 November 2020. As many ARMYs would know, each member took on a role in the production of the album. Jungkook in particular, tried his hand at filming and directing the music video.

| theqoo

It was previously shared that he took charge of a few scenes personally, with the help of a professional team of course. He revealed during the press conference that he tried to highlight what he felt were the key points of the song – a sense of reality and some seriousness.

If you were to call me a director, I’d be a little bit embarrassed. I do enjoy taking videos normally, so I was given the task of the music video filming. Since I took it up, I tried my best to work hard for it. When I first heard the song “Life Goes On”, I felt that the most important part was the sense of reality as well as the gravity behind it. In order to convey this, I discussed with the other camera directors and filming staff, as well as the members of course, in case they had certain sides of themselves that they wanted to personally show. So I tried to reflect their opinions in the music video.

— Jungkook

Jungkook also shared that the experience was a fantastic one for him due to the satisfying end results.

As for the emotional aspect, we weren’t able to meet fans due to the pandemic. So I tried to express the longing and how much we missed ARMYs through the music video. Since I worked hard, it was fascinating to see how that resulted in a pretty music video. It became a good memory for me and also gave me the dream of being able to shoot a cool music video, so it was great.

— Jungkook

Will we be able to see more of director Jungkook in the future? In the meantime, take a listen to their new track, “Life Goes On” below!

Source: Newsen and theqoo