“The Jungkook Effect” Strikes Again: The BTS Member Unintentionally Causes Another Item To Sell Out

His brand power is crazy!

BTS member Jungkook‘s selling power is unmatched, as demonstrated by multiple incidents before.

| @CalvinKlein/Twitter

When the singer casually name-dropped Downey as his favorite fabric softener during a livestream a few years ago, the product sold out two months’ worth of stocks almost overnight, giving an 11% pump to the company’s stock value. Downey ended up selecting TinyTAN, one of the representative IPs of the group, as a commercial model for its product a year later.

Next, when the BTS maknae revealed his favorite brand of Kombucha during another livestream, the product sold out so fast that Jungkook himself couldn’t get his hands on them for a good while.

Though there are too many examples to cite at once, the most recent display of the power of this “Sold Out King” was when multiple Calvin Klein products were sold out after Jungkook was spotted wearing them since his ambassadorship announcement.

As an ambassador, Jungkook endorsed those products directly, so the results are not really surprising to anyone. However, there is another product he sold out quite recently, even without mentioning the name of the brand or advertising it in any way. On May 25, the BTS member returned to Weverse with an hour-long livestream, where he hung out with fans singing songs and chatting.

During the broadcast, Jungkook was seen drinking from a mug, and fans somehow ended up figuring out the exact details of the product. Soon enough, it was completely sold out. In fact, the mug in the same color that Jungkook used during the broadcast is still available on popular e-commerce platforms!

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So far, the singer seems to have sold out multiple items with each live broadcast, including his very first Weverse live this year. The fact that Jungkook holds this much brand influence without even any social media presence speaks volumes about his mass appeal as a celebrity.