Jungkook Painted An Extraordinary Portrait Of Suga in Latest Bangtan Bomb

Jungkook is a man of a million talents.

In case you missed it, BTS recently held an exhibition titled “24/7= Serendipity (Five, Always)”. The group either created or designed the treasures found inside the exhibition. One exhibit that immediately caught everyone’s eye was a particular painting by Jungkook.

In their guide to the exhibition, Jungkook revealed that he was the artist behind this dark and beautiful image. It is a replica of a picture of Suga from the “Begin” short film.

ARMY cried out for a more in-depth look at Jungkook in his element and Big Hit Entertainment have obliged. The latest Bangtan Bomb shows Jungkook creating his masterpiece.

We started off by getting a peek at Jungkook’s expensive art supplies.

Then the master got to work. He started to sketch his replica on the canvas.

He was soon finished his sketch, having made a vague outline of Suga’s face.

Then the unbelievably talented maknae got to work with his markers and paints, adding colour to the sketch and making it pop.

All that was left was to slap some paint on the canvas for effect. Jungkook really enjoyed this part.

The finished product was stunning. Jungkook has proved once again that he is a man of a million talents.

You can watch the whole Bangtan Bomb below: