Jungkook Is Putting YouTubers Out Of A Job With His Recent Content

Jungkook is coming for everyone’s fans.

Jungkook has been putting out content recently which is going to steal ARMY away from their favourite YouTubers. He has all the bases covered…

He’s doing Mukbang videos, a staple of any YouTuber’s content palette. He’s doing it in such a meme-worthy fashion as well.

He’s also doing lip-sync content, such as this hilarious video where he lip-syncs Jimin’s “Promise”. And he’s doing a damn good job of it as well.

Not to mention he’s performing song covers, a very common type of YouTube video. His two different covers of IU’s “Ending Scene” have ARMY’s hearts alight.

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Jungkook is doing it all, remember when he showed off some of his exercise routines with Jin? What’s next, makeup tutorials?

A very common YouTube trait is to plug some kind of sponsor during your videos, is a sponsor for Jungkook on the cards? Perhaps with Downy fabric softener?

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And should we expect a house tour video for his new apartment?

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YouTube stars better watch out because Jungkook is coming for all their fans and possibly their sponsors.