“Jungkookie Hyung!!” — TXT’s Taehyun Reacts To The BTS Member’s Shoutout To Him During Livestream

Jungkook mentioned his “hoobae” quite suddenly.

TXT‘s Taehyun might just be the most successful fanboy of Jungkook, especially after the BTS member’s recent livestream.

BTS’s Jungkook | @etnow/Twitter
TXT’s Taehyun | @taehyuntxt_official/Instagram

Taehyun has never shied away from showing how much he looks up to Jungkook ever since his rookie days. Even as the two BIGHIT groups developed a closer relationship with time, he still speaks of Jungkook with an air of high esteem.

On October 4 (KST), Jungkook hosted a live broadcast on Weverse, keeping his promise to ARMYs. After briefly talking about his upcoming solo album, Golden, he moved on to his usual interaction with fans through the comments.

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Jungkook noticed a comment asking him about Taehyun and, initially, was unsure if the comment was referring to the TXT member. But he proceeded to talk about his impression of his junior anyway. He mentioned that they had recently been in touch through texting and described him as polite and cute.”

But Jungkook said that Taehyun, despite his cuteness, has an air of a grown-up when he talks. “He probably knows more things than me,” he added, praising his hoobae.

After the livestream ended, a fan uploaded a post on Weverse, telling Taehyun about the shoutout Jungkook gave him. In response, the TXT member adorably referred to him as “Jjungkookie hyung,” expressing his admiration for him.

Though Taehyun mentioned he was unsure if Jungkook knew about his love for him, fans were quick to point out evidence that suggested he did. The evidence in question was actually a video of RM “exposing” Taehyun’s fanboy shenanigans on Kakaotalk in front of all the BTS members.

Going from shyly fanboying over Jungkook to casually hanging out with him, Taehyun is the success story every fan dreams of!