Juniel continues to suffer financially under FNC Entertainment

In a recent appearance at a live radio show, Juniel revealed her financial situation with FNC Entertainment.

The talented female artist guested on MBC FM4U‘s Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope on September 18th where Kim Shin Young asked her, “What did you think after you first saw your account balance for the first time?”

Juniel answered, “I thought I would perish,” and she continues to explain, “Our company (FNC) does not give us money until we reach our break-even point. I have no money. My debts keep increasing.”

After hearing this, Kim Shin Young commented, “Your income will increase gradually when you continue as a composer.”

As Juniel gains more and more control over her music as the leading lyricist or composer or both, she will most likely gain more money in royalties to increase her income.

This isn’t the first time a singer has revealed their difficult financial situations in public with girl group EXID just recently gaining income after “Ah Yeah” promotions after getting out of debt from their “Up & Down” viral hit. Similarly, girl group 9MUSES claim to only make enough each month to pay for their food.

In regards to the “Big 3” agencies – SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment – newly debuted artists are able to receive income whether they have reached their break-even point (BEP) or not. You can read more about their newly placed system here.

Source: MBN